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Schools advertising on buses

In the NEW YORK TIMES "Seeking Money...Texas Schools Turn to Advertisements"
Published: February 16, 2012

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One bus ad can generate between
30,000 -70,000 impressions daily.
That’s over 1,000,000 impressions per month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steep Creek Media

Q: Why are school districts using this program to generate funds?

A: Schools are facing budget deficits that could result in a reduction of staff, as well as a reduction in services and programs for children. So, they are seeking to generate their own revenue to partially solve their budget problems through this innovative program.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of ads that can run?

A. Yes. All ads must be in the form of an age-appropriate positive message. The school districts have an advertising committee that gives final approval for all advertisements. State law is specific about the location and size of the signs.

Q: Does the school spend any money on this program?

A: No. Steep Creek Media provides a turn key program, handling all sales, art design, fee collection, sign installation and sign removal. There is no cost to the district. The revenue goes into their general operating budget and most of them view the revenue as "found money" to use as they wish - no state or federal strings attached.

Q: What does the School Bus Advertising program do?

A: It helps businesses build brand awareness, while providing much needed funding for local schools. The ads are seen every day by thousands of people as the buses travel around town.

Q: What is the sign made of and does it harm the bus?

A: The signs are made of a porous material that is durable and vinyl coated with a special laminate. The signs adhere to the bus like a bumper sticker and are weather and fade resistant. A special process is used to remove the signs and will not harm the outside of the bus.

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